Hi. I’m Nur. I know you probably wouldn’t guess this about me, but I love makeup. Like…a lot. I started making YouTube videos years ago after watching them with fascination. All I kept thinking was that I had so much to share too. After a few really awkward videos, I got the hang of things and fell in love with the reality of there being so many women around the world that loved makeup as much as I did.

Since then, I’ve become inspired to share so much more. Everything I share is meant to help you in some way. Maybe it helps you become happier or more knowledgeable or feel better about yourself. Some will argue that not everything I share does that, e.g., peanut butter. And to that I say: have you tried white chocolate peanut butter? Talk to me after you’ve had a spoonful.

If you have any questions, business inquiries, or insist on sending me a bland template about reviewing your products (in which you tell me you love my videos while addressing me by another name that you forgot to amend from your last template), please feel free to email me at: nur@nurberxo.com


And now, for frequently asked questions. Not because I’m important, but because my name is strange and I look like: a basketball wife, Shay Mitchell and an articulate Kardashian.

What ethnicity are you? I’m Saudi Arabian! Except for when I’m at the airport, then I’m definitely Spanish. I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and I moved to America when I was 6 years old. Both parents are also Arab.

How do you pronounce your name? Nur is *supposed* to be pronounced with a long ‘u’ sound like Noor. But when I was a wee little thing and riddled with far too much social anxiety to correct people, they called me Nur and it sounded like ‘nerd’ without the ‘d’. Sometimes this upsets people who share my name or who have a mother/sister/neighbor/cat/dust bunny named Nur/Noor/Nour. But it’s a nickname to me and I love it.

Is Nur short for anything? Nope, that’s the whole thing. It means “light” in Arabic, literally and figuratively. I light up your life or turn on the light. I don’t know if nomenclature is destiny, but I do know my “light” name complements my “dark” sense of humor.

What’s your favorite beauty brand? I’m quality loyal, not brand loyal. Some companies do lipstick extremely well, but produce foundation that rivals only wall paint from Home Depot. Sometimes, quality even varies among the same product (ingredients for different colors, for example, will make the same brand eyeshadow, of the same brand line, differ in texture, consistency, pigmentation). So, I just stick to what’s true and tested by me!

What the hell is a Nurberxo? When I was in school, I was younger than everyone. I graduated high school at 16 and at some point during my high school years, people started calling me Nurber because it sounded like Gerber, as in Gerber Baby products. I added the insufferable ‘xo’ because Nurber was taken on YouTube. Now I just embrace the ‘xo’ and sign it after stuff because all the self-help books I read tell me I should make the best out of situations I can’t control. xo

How does one pronounce Nurberxo? Nurber like Gerber [Baby], berber [carpet] or [Justin] Bieber terribly mispronounced. Then say the letters: x o. Nurberxo. Sometimes people lose the second ‘r’ in a verbal blackhole and call me NurBEXO. Which is good and well, aside from the fact that it makes me sound like a cardboard box manufacturer? Or a healthy cereal option no one really wants to eat? Or a pharmaceutical prescription drug that has conflicting side effects? NurBEXO is not for everyone. Call your doctor if it makes you happy or sad, drowsy or an insomniac, lose weight or gain weight….

I’d like to end with a formal apology on behalf of my parents. They’re sorry they didn’t call me Bob, as it would have eliminated 66.7% of the questions above. Boberxo.