#nurd: Vol II

Fancy intro, blah, blah, blah. I can almost hear all my English teachers gasping in horror. Dive right in: Argument For Not Loving Yourself Just As You Are  Shared this one on Twitter recently, but needed it to live longer here. What I’ll add to this: we are never done growing. Life is fluid and anyone who has […]

#nurd: Vol I

Err…hi. I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, you’ve already found me elsewhere on the internet so I can skip the awkward THIS IS WHO I AM intro. Let’s do that. I wanted to start ‘Hashtag Nurd’ for one main reason: to share the awesome stuff I’m constantly learning. Though I’m blown away […]

When People Change

…they actually haven’t changed at all. It’s different if you’re younger and you’re still growing up, but we all reach a point somewhere in our early adulthood where we will always be who we are at our core. This isn’t about trivial preferences like cheese or pepperoni pizza. It’s character. And maybe, maybe, we could […]

Casper, the overly friendly ghost

All the guys my sister has ever been involved with have wondered if I secretly loathed them.  Even the ones that are no longer in her life still wonder that. That’s a fact. The truth is, my sister has exceptional taste in men. The men she dates are intelligent, successful, handsome gentlemen. And they are […]

Oh, hello there

You’re probably here because I linked to this somewhere or squeaked about it in one of my videos. Remember that squeaking forever because I’m usually monotone and mumbling on very seriously about really unimportant stuff. If you ended up here after someone told you to go to hell, well….welcome. All jokes aside (not really), I’m […]