#nurd: Vol II

Fancy intro, blah, blah, blah. I can almost hear all my English teachers gasping in horror. Dive right in:

  1. Argument For Not Loving Yourself Just As You Are  Shared this one on Twitter recently, but needed it to live longer here. What I’ll add to this: we are never done growing. Life is fluid and anyone who has the arrogance to say “This is who I am, take it or leave it” is someone I leave behind. Buh-bye. The widespread idea that “people don’t change” is not a fixed truth. Its truth lies in the fact that many, many people choose not to change, are too lazy to change, have been conditioned to believe they’ll never change or for a million other excuses. So while the saying applies to a vast majority of people, it does not have to apply to you because that is your choice. You cannot change other people, but you certainly can change yourself. And you should. We all should. It’s something I work on every single day. There’s a lot of work. There’s a lot of self-awareness. There’s a lot of humility. But there is also an incredible amount of joy in self-evolution. It’s critical to your confidence and well-being.

2. During Romantic Love, Your Brain Acts Obsessed, Depressed, and Stressed  I think the title says it all. Such a good video chock full of what happens in our brains during the beginning stages of like/lust. There is a widely promulgated notion that love is a magical thing that’s fully out of our control (thank you Disney and Nicholas Sparks movies), but there’s a lot of fascinating science that proves otherwise.

3. Laughter is so good for your soul and I guaran-damn-tee that if you’re having a bad day, this will make you feel better. This video pokes fun at how people always say “there’s someone in this world who has it worse than you” which is something I often say, so this is essentially me making fun of myself. Perspective is really important when you’re in a tough spot – take a step back and see the whole forest instead of just focusing on the tree. But a good sense of humor is just as important. Life’s not that serious. Robbie Sherard is hilarious and here are two videos from him. The first: How to Not Feel Bad on the Internet and a second one for good measure – my favorite video of his EVER – What Guys’ Shoes Say About Them. If you still need some perspective, click this: Here is Today.

here is today


I’m trying to figure out the best day of the week for these posts. I’m thinking Sundays or Mondays, since those are the days most of us could use a little pick-me-up. Let me know what you think (@nurberxoand thank you so much for everything!!! xo


  1. Hi Nur! I love reading your blogposts- of course I love your youtube videos as well, but I can’t get enough of your wisdom! The first link so spot on- everyone needs to read it.

  2. Candis - SidnacGlitz says:

    Ahh I remember the moment when I realized that I had a choice and was not a hostage to my emotions for another human being (tribal freedom dance) lol. I vote for Sunday post, it is my chill and read a lot day :-). Awesome post as always.

  3. I LOVE these! This was yet another great post and so true! You crack me up and you also have me searching for that damn pen. Would you mind giving me the info again? I was too busy trying to get a still shot at your jewelry that I love so much! Lmao! #LifeGoals, right? I luvs ya so much! I think Sunday’s would be a good day for these, great start to the week! 😘💋

  4. You’re awesome

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